2018 Woody & Chloe: My Town

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Bring your elementary students on a 10-week reading adventure to follow our favorite pups, Woody & Chloe, in the chapter book, My Town. 

What do you get when you combine wiener dogs, country music, funnel cakes and hometown pride? An unforgettable, exciting, and educational 10-week serial story featuring Kentucky’s favorite canines, Woody and Chloe. After answering the daily trivia question on the radio, Woody, Chloe, Mom and Dad embark on a journey across Kentucky, participating in various festivals throughout Kentucky such as The Banana Festival and the World Chicken Festival. Along the way, they learn history, geography, economics and even social skills. Woody notices each person he talks with is convinced, “My town has the best festival.” He realizes that statement is true. Although different for everyone, “my town” is always the best town because it’s the one that we call home.

Beginning on Monday, September 10th, “My Town” will run each week for 10 weeks. Each chapter will be posted below and features an illustration and accompanying activities. In addition, there is a blog that discusses other festivals not featured in the newspaper series. “My Town” is written by Kentucky author Leigh Anne Florence and features her real-life miniature dachshunds Woody and Chloe. The series is illustrated by Chris Ware and the podcast is read by Scott Johnson.

Weekly Chapters & Activities

Chapter 1 starts on Sunday, September 9th!

Week   1 |  9/10/18:  Chapter 1    Activities    Podcast

Week   2 |  9/17/18:  Chapter 2   Activities   Podcast

Week   3 |  9/24/18:  Chapter 3  Activities  Podcast

Week   4 | 10/1/18:   Chapter 4   Activities   Podcast

Week   5 | 10/8/18:   Chapter 5   Activities   Podcast

Week   6 | 10/15/18:   Chapter 6   Activities   Podcast

Week   7 |   10/22/18:  Chapter 7   Activities   Podcast

Week   8 |   10/29/18:   Chapter 8   Activities   Podcast

Week   9 |   11/05/18:   Chapter 9   Activities   Podcast

Week 10 |   11/12/18:   Chapter 10   Activities   Podcast


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