Woody & Chloe: Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass

Bring your elementary students on a 10-week reading adventure to follow our favorite pups, Woody & Chloe, as they travel across the Kentucky waterways via boat in the chapter book, Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass. (Chapters posted below!)

The story is fun and engaging. True to character, Woody impulsively signs up for the Hook The Biggest Bass Fishing Tournament at Kentucky Lake. Dad informs Woody this will be a difficult task since the family doesn’t own a boat. “We do now,” Woody replies, informing his family he bought a boat in Pikeville, KY. His plan is to pick up the boat in Pikeville and row it to Kentucky Lake. Mom and Dad explain that’s impossible, but are they willing to pick up the boat, drive to the tournament, and let the pups fish in rivers and lakes along the way.  Find out what happens when Woody finally reaches Kentucky Lake and it’s tournament time.

This program will begin with the first chapter on Sunday, September 10. Then, each Tuesday, beginning September 19, a new chapter, student activities and podcast will be updated on our website and will provide the following:

Weekly Chapters: The story is written by Leigh Ann Florence and illustrated by Chris Ware. A different chapter will be featured each week.

Weekly Activities: Includes Word problem, Take a Look at That!, Make, Keep, Add, Hot Dog Games, email Woody, Cut & Paste, Woody’s Joke of the Week, and Don’t Forget To.

Topics Include: Difference between lakes and oceans, Dams, Locks and pools, Parts of the river: headwater, backwater, forks, Upstream and downstream, Tributary, Water cycle, Watersheds, Barges, Docks, marinas, Tugboat, Mouth, Source, Waterfalls, Gorges, and the Purpose of rivers.

Along with the chapters and activities, NIE teachers will receive a weekly email reminder with a link back to the site.

Weekly Chapters & Activities

Chapter 1 starts on Sunday, September 10th!
(note the current week will be highlighted in red)

Week   1 |  9/10/17: Chapter 1    Activities   Podcast

Week   2 |  9/19/17: Chapter 2   Activities   Podcast 

Week   3 |  9/26/17: Chapter 3   Activities   Podcast 

Week   4 | 10/03/17: Chapter 4   Activities   Podcast  

Week   5 | 10/10/17: Chapter 5   Activities   Podcast

Week   6 | 10/17/17: Chapter 6   Activities   Podcast

Week   7 |   10/24/17: Chapter 7   Activities   Podcast 

Week   8 |   10/31/17: Chapter 8   Activities   Podcast 

Week   9 |   11/07/17: Chapter 9   Activities   Podcast

>> Week 10 |   11/14/17: Chapter 10   Activities   Podcast <<


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