Washington Indian Tribes Today

Read all about Washington’s 29 Tribal Nations in this 12-page educational supplement, Washington Indian Tribes Today.

Here you will learn about preserving the culture, sustaining the environment and natural resources, and building communities. This supplement is sponsored by the Washington Tribes, The Washington Indian Gaming Association, and News in Education programs from The News Tribune, The Olympian, Tri-City Herald, and The Bellingham Herald.

There are 29 federally-recognized Native American tribes located on reservations throughout Washington state. Each tribal nation is different. Some reservations are just a few acres in size, while others span more than a million acres; some have a few hundred citizens, others have thousands of citizens; some have significant financial resources to finance government services, others have very limited funds. Because water provided a means of transportation and natural resources, most of the reservations are located where Indians historically lived – along rivers, Puget Sound or the Washington coast. Only four tribes are located in eastern Washington, and each of them relies on rivers.

This special supplement can be found in the Sunday, October 22, 2017 print and eEdition of the newspapers listed above.

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