My Town: Chapter 1

2018 Chapter 1

“Chloe! Hurry! Come quick! I need help!” I hollered in the loudest voice I had. “Chlo-eeee! I need you this very second!”

Mom, Dad and Chloe all rushed in the room at once!

“What’s the matter, Woody? Are you okay? Are you sick or hurt?” Mom asked as she felt my forehead to see if I had a fever.

“Chloe, you know the song My Town by Montgomery Gentry, don’t you?” I asked. I was careful to keep the phone behind my back so the person on the other end wouldn’t hear all the commotion.

“Yes!” Chloe answered. “I love that song! Why do…

“Woody, are you there?”  a voice coming from the radio speakers asked.

“Wait a second, son! Are you on the radio?” Dad asked as he turned the volume up on the little boom box we kept in the den.

“Are you there, Woody?” the DJ asked again, louder since Dad had turned up the volume.

I put the phone back up to my mouth and answered.

“Yes sir.”

As I spoke in the phone, I heard myself coming through the radio speakers loud and clear.

“You have 60 seconds to give us the correct answer,” the DJ informed.

“You have 10 seconds to explain who is on the phone and why you’re on the radio,” Dad added.

I put the phone behind my back again and explained as quickly as possible.

“I was listening to Chester’s Classic Country Hour and it was time for the trivia question. It was about the song My Town. I knew it was Chloe’s favorite song, so I decided to try and be the first caller. And guess what?”

“You were the first caller!” Mom, Dad and Chloe all answered at once.

“Exactly!” I answered. “I dialed the number and I couldn’t believe it when Chester himself answered the phone! He told me I was the first caller and if I answered the trivia question correctly, we would win a prize. So do you know the answer, Chloe?” I asked.

“I don’t even know the question,” Chloe reminded me, giggling.

“Forty-five seconds,” we heard Chester announce through the radio speakers.

“Oh, right!” I replied. “The question is ‘In the song, My Town, what is Uncle Bill doing at the courthouse when the sun goes down?’”

“Thirty seconds, Woody,” Chester announced for everyone to hear.

There’s aFor-Sale’ sign on a big ol’ rusty tractor,” Chloe began to sing.

“Chloe, you have the prettiest singing voice I’ve ever heard and I love to hear you sing, but we don’t have time for you to sing the whole song,” I explained.

“Thank you, Woody,” Chloe answered, “but I have to sing the whole song to get to the part about Uncle Bill. There’s aFor-Sale’ sign on a big ol’ rusty tractor,” Chloe sang once again.

“Why are you starting over?” I asked, confused and frustrated.

“I told you, Woody. I have to sing the entire song. I can’t just think of just one part.”

“Fifteen seconds, Woody,” the radio announced.

There’s aFor-Sale’ sign on a big ol’ rusty tractor,” Chloe began to sing, this time much faster. Even so, it was beautiful.

“Up the road a pale, blue water tower…Ginny…bright green…That’s my Uncle Bill down at the courthouse,” When Chloe got to the part about Uncle Bill she began to sing slower and louder.

“Five seconds, Woody,” the DJ announced.

He’ll be lowering the flag when the sun goes down,” Chloe sang. Before I could tell Chester my answer, I heard Mom and Dad join in with Chloe and sing, “This is My Town!”

“3…2…” the DJ counted.

“He’ll be lowering the flag!” I blurted out as fast as I could.

“In the nick of time,” Chester announced! “Let’s see if Woody is correct.” Immediately, we heard a guitar play the introduction to the song, followed by the words, “There’s a ‘For-Sale’ sign on a big ol’ rusty tractor.” This time, instead of Chloe singing it, Montgomery Gentry was singing it – and when they sang the line, “lowering the flag when the sun goes down,” Mom, Dad, Chloe and I clapped and cheered.

“Chloe! You are a genius! I knew you’d know the answer!” I yelled as I gave my sister a great big hug and kiss!

“Woody,” Chester spoke through the radio, prompting us to get quiet, “as you heard, your answer was completely correct! Are you ready to find out what you’ve won?”

“Yes sir!” I answered, almost too excited to speak! I was hoping for a trip to Magic Playland! Chloe and I had dreamed of going there forever! I held my sister’s hand tightly and waited to hear the news.

“Let me ask you a question,” Chester said, “How does a big bowl of banana pudding sound, Woody?”

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