NIE Newsletter: May 2020

Welcome May!
As we welcome May, we hope that you, your students and their parents are adjusting to remote learning. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to our youth, especially during these unprecedented times. This month, find resources to share with your students and parents including National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and much more!

News & Announcements…

Important Reminder:  All affidavits were emailed directly to you. Please do your part and confirm your affidavit as soon possible. Remember, responding to this notice is a requirement for all teachers enrolled in the NIE program and is done as part of our end-of school year reporting and auditing and will allow us to continue to offer our program at no-cost to you.

Also, the current 2019-2020 school session ends on June 7. Please be sure that you confirm your affidavit before then so that we have a successful audit and so that you can sign up for future sessions.


Summer Session: We will be offering a summer session for those teaching summer school. Registration will be open on Monday, June 8 and you and your students will have access to the program through Sunday, August 2.  Please note you have to sign up separately for each session – and as a note, we have made the summer sign -up process just a bit easier for you! We will be sending out an email reminder in June.

Remote Learning: With parents helping teach their children at home as schools continue distance learning, please be sure that you share the class|student login credentials so that your students can log in from home. Also, if you you need to make any changes to your current classes, please email and we can make the adjustments for you.


Just for Kids:  For a limited time, there is a bonus 1-page feature in the eEdition – Just for Kids! This has games and activities for young readers is located inside the ExtraExtra section. Please share with your students and parents.



Weekly Lesson Prompts

May will be the last month for the weekly lesson prompts. These prompts are available each Monday and can be used to enhance your core curriculum using the eEdition. Visit the page here.



May resources include…

Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  Even though your students involvement in physical fitness and sports have changed, you can still promote the importance of both.  From SHAPE America, acces resources to teach PE and Health remotely. As well, teachers and parents can download the supplement, Fitness Head to Toe, to learn how exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices affect them head to toe.


National Mental Health Awareness Month. Now more than ever, mental health is of utmost importance for all of us. Bring awareness to mental health by providing support materials to those in need and to ensure everyone feels safe and secure. To help families, parents, caregivers and youth, find a wide-range of resources including videos, toolkits and activities on how to deal with COVID-19, as well, find a month-long  calendar with daily activities that promote positive mental health from the National Foundation of Families for Children’s Health.


Get Caught Reading Month. Celebrate the joy of reading with your students!  Have your students select a book of their choice to read, then have them give a book review during your class meeting. As well, have a parent or sibling take a photo of them reading to share with the class.  Find additional resources from ReadWriteThink.


Special May Dates…


May 5:  Cinco de Mayo
Learn the history of Cinco de Mayo and find lesson resources, games and arts and crafts for all ages. Celebrate with your class — have a virtual celebration where students create an art project or make a dish that they can show off with their class. Find resources here and here,



May 10:  Mother’s Day
Help your students honor their moms! Explore over 25 Mother’s Day crafts ideas that allow creativity shine your students express their love and thankfulness to the special mom in their lives – especially this year, as not only are they moms, but they are also teachers.  There are crafts for all age ranges with step-by-step instructions and easy to find materials.


May 15:  National Pizza Party Day
Celebrate one of the most loved days of the  year! Host a virtual pizza party with your students! Have them make their favorite pizza and share it during your class call. You can even make math fun by having them write the recipe to make pizza for their family, then have them write the recipe if they had to make pizza for the whole class.  Here are some easy recipes to share with your students — there are some good crust alternatives due to the shortage of yeast! Get inspired here and here.


May 20: World Bee Day
Don’t be afraid of Bees! Learn all about this amazing inset and the impact and importance they have in the world. Find a wide-range for resources from The Honey Bee Conservancy,  Pollinator Partnership and Planet Bee Foundation. Get your students involved – plant a garden at home or have them draw, paint, color or let them make a collage of a bee — have them use materials they have at home.


May 25:  Memorial Day
Today we celebrate, remember and honor the fallen men and women of our military. Help your students understand the meaning behind the holiday.  As well, find a wide-range lesson resources, hands-on activities and printable worksheets.  and activities for all grade levels to use the entire month of May.


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