NIE Newsletter: April 2018


Welcome to April! Included in this newsletter, you will find resources on distracted driving, animal cruelty prevention, financial literacy, math, and more. 

News & Announcements

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 California Central Valley Spelling Bee! Please join us in congratulating our champ, Samhita Kumar, 7th grader from Winston Churchill Middle School in Carmichael. This is the second year in a row that Samhita has won our bee and she will be heading to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. Let’s all wish her good luck!   Click here to read about it.

Important: All teachers will be receiving an affidavit email this week or next from If you do not receive your email by April 16, please check spam or junk folder, and be sure that you put our email address on your “safe” list and alert your school and district as well. If you did get the email, please confirm your affidavit as soon as possible. This is required for all teachers enrolled in the 2017-2018 NIE session

teacherGet Inspired with NIE!

This section features feedback and comments from teachers like you around the country who are using NIE. Check here every month to find inspiration, fresh ways to incorporate NIE into your curriculum, and what other classrooms are saying!

If you would like to submit class feedback to be featured here, just send an email to Hannah Rosenboom at with the subject line: “NIE feedback”. We always love hearing from our teachers and students!

I currently use NIE in my yearbook class to discuss Headlines, subheads, photography and captioning. I use NIE in World History to do weekly Current Events. I love NIE and truly appreciate as a valuable resource for my students. I am able to teach them about world events, and include a great deal of relevant non-fiction reading as well. I couldn’t be happier with or more appreciative of this resource. Thank YOU! – Tanya, 9th grade history, 9-12 yearbook, NC
I have loved Newspapers in Education for years.  I am a 7th Grade civics teacher at Sugarloaf School in the Lower Keys. My school received 140 mile an hour winds during Irma.  Many students and staff were displaced. I really haven’t done any amazing projects but I allow my students to read the paper if they have completed their work.  We certainly discuss bias in the media and we look for it in everything we read. NIE greatly benefits my Civics class.  We are able to see the things we are learning in class in play in our Democracy.  Daily, there are countless articles on federalism, branches and levels of government, partisanship, global events, and editorials that make for enjoyable and engaging activities. It is a great teaching tool.  You have to realize that most students today know absolutely nothing about a newspaper or the fourth estate.  Information is frequently gained from cell phone or watching garbage like TMZ.  I teach athletes that had never read a sports page. Please continue allowing us to utilize the wonderful Miami Herald newspaper. – Lee, Middle School Civics, FL

April is…

Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Make sure your high school students hear about safe driving at every possible opportunity. April is the perfect month to incorporate the topic into your lessons throughout the month. Our Drive to Stay Alive guide provides an overview of the issues related to driving and safety.

Be_Kind_to_AnimalsPrevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. This Humane Education supplement, Be Kind to Animals, was created in partnership with the American Humane Association. It will help students learn compassion for all living things, both human and non-human. For more Humane Education resources visit the American Humane web site.

_ByTheNumbersGuideMathematics Awareness Month. Get your students excited about math! By The Numbers is a guide for middle grade students that offers practical classroom math applications. You can use your eEdition for many of the activities. You can also check out our other math supplements. Have fun exploring!

National Poetry Month. Poetry is a very fun and special form of writing – take the opportunity to celebrate poetry with your class. You can use our Poetry and Rhyming Worksheets, a guide with 9 worksheets that covers these poetry-writing styles: Acrostic (2), Ballad, Cinquain, Clerihew, Haiku, Rhyme, Rhythm, and Riddles.

Special April Dates

April 10 – National Siblings Day. While not everyone has siblings, you can use our Nurturing Family and Friends guide to encourage your class to be loving and nurturing to those close to them – whether siblings, or friends. This is an excellent character development lesson that your students will love. There are two grade level lessons, one for K-3, and one for 3-7.

April 22 – Earth Day. Get your students excited about our earth. In Earth Patrol, students learn the difference between garbage, trash, yard waste, recyclables and household hazardous waste—and where it all goes. Our This Land is Your Land booklet takes students on a journey across our beautiful country to learn about several national parks, and our Occupations of the Land educates about natural resources and products such as wood, food crops, animals, minerals and petroleum that grow on, or are extracted from, the land.

The Mini Page

The Mini Page logo

The Mini Page, a weekly newspaper for children, is a publication that offers instructional entertainment for kids in classrooms and homes. Each week, The Mini Page presents fascinating facts on a different topic in a way that kids can understand and relate to. Each week’s topic is supported by word puzzles, connect the dots puzzles, recipes, drawings and pictures. Click here to find current and previous issues. Each week, we will update the page as the new papers are published.

Monthly Calendar

AprThis calendar provides a subject-specific focus with activities each day of the week, for every school day during the month. View April.

  • Monday – Language Arts
  • Tuesday – Social Studies
  • Wednesday – Math
  • Thursday – Science
  • Friday – Thematic for each month with topics of Newspaper Knowledge, Character Education, Critical Thinking, Life Skills, Careers, and Moral Reasoning.

Sharing is Caring!

We want as many teachers and students as possible to benefit from our program, so we’ve made it easy for you to share NIE. Just copy and paste the below text and pass along! Or forward any NIE email you’ve received. Thank you so much for helping us reach classrooms around the country with our resources!

I’m currently using the no-cost News in Education program in my classroom, and thought you would be interested. I get unlimited access to the daily digital newspaper (eEdition) as well as a comprehensive website full of additional resources such as lesson plans, training supplements, quizzes, and much more. Enrollment is easy! Click here to find your newspaper and visit your NIE site. Then choose “Enroll Now” to complete registration. If you have any questions or need help, just contact the NIE team at

Our Sponsors

header-thank-youThank you to the local businesses, non-profit organizations, and subscribers who donate to support our NIE program. Together, we are helping over 200,000 K-12 students around the country to develop reading skills, grow as critical thinkers, and become engaged citizens in their local communities through no-cost access to the eEdition (digital newspaper) and other educational resources. Teachers, parents, students, and interested individuals can click here to find your site’s local sponsors.

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